What Girls Need To Know About Life: 10 Life Tips

This list of Life Tips for Girls can help anyone, no matter her age, marital status or gender! Here are a few of the tips we came up with. Some are based on great life tips from my personal experience.

  1. You should always remove your makeup before you go to sleep. It feels fantastic to rub your eyes without worrying about smearing makeup all over. Not to mention that it's good for your skin, as well.
  2. After you wake up and before you go to bed, wash your face. You'll be blissfully pleased with the results.
  3. Feel free to shed a few tears when you fall in love. We all need to cry from time to time. Please, though, do not cry over him for too long. Let him see what he's missing by being out and about!
  4. When you are out with friends, you should not be checking your phone. This is something I am guilty of. In my experience, however, I have always had an enhanced experience when I commit to being present with those that I love.
  5. Have a TV show you watch every week. It's even better when you have a friend who loves that show too.
  6. Nap during the day. You'll feel much better. Napping is very important. I regret not taking naps as a child.
  7. Make sure you talk to your best friend. Particularly if they live across the country. Keep in touch. Have fun. Share stories. We promise your soul will thank you.
  8. Get in touch with your mother. Your mother will always be there for you, regardless of your age. You're missed.
  9. Stay hydrated. You'll feel better, your hair will look better, and your skin will be better. Does that need more explanation? Change it up by drinking infused water!
  10. Get up every morning and make your bed. I started doing this just a few weeks ago, and it instantly makes my bedroom look so much better! Additionally, my day seems much more productive with this method.
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